It is not for the weak. This business is fast-paced, stressful, fun, exciting, you have to be a good listener, dependable, people person, motivated, self-starters, organized, and that is just Monday.

Being a Realtor® is not just dressing up in a cute outfit and showing a couple cute homes and then payday. There are a lot more things that come in between start and finish.

How do you find clientele? Paying all your dues. Ordering business cards, website, branding yourself, marketing to friends and family, lead generation, etc. This is not only sometimes difficult but also costs you money.

Finding the right Brokerage. It's very important to find a Brokerage for you to call HOME! Each company is different and will offer different things. At the end of the day, what is it that you need? Not what color desk are you getting. Are you looking for a big franchise? if so that's great but what are you getting from them? Will you be lost in the masses? Will you get the one on one training that you need or just be in a room with 30 other new agents listening to the trainer talk about their policies and procedures. Or are you looking for a Boutique Brokerage? These types of Brokerages can and do have the time and resource to give you one on one training about being a Realtor®. How to write an offer, explaining the different types of financing, helping you with your personalized marketing, answer your call when you have a question.

Again, being a Realtor® is not for the weak but with the right mentors and being at the right company you will have success. Make it Happen. Make it Big. Make it Sproat!

The Sproat Professionals.