What do you look for when you decide to list your home with a REALTOR®? How far in advance do you start looking?

Are you just skimming your Facebook feed to see if any of your friends are Agents? Do you call your friends and ask who they use? Or do you just do a GOOGLE search?

There are many different factors to think about when selling or buying a home. Do they know my market? Do they know how to correctly price a home? Will they take pictures with their cell phone or do they have a photographer? What experience do they have? What type of marketing will they do to get my house sold? Will they accompany Buyers into your home or will they just give out the code and let strangers go unsupervised in your property? These are very important questions that you should be thinking about and even more important things you should consider when you chose your REALTOR®.

Make it Happen. Make it Sproat.